About Us

Let there be Leather!

Leather-smith and Designer Jeweler Heidi and Master Silver & Goldsmith Jacques Fabian have teamed up to share their passion for handmade items with world.

'My dream has always been to work with leather and to sew! I just love to sew. I used to make all kinds of things for my kids from toys to clothes and I have always made bags.

I actually think it is impossible to have too many bags and you need to be able to feel your jewellery!

Jewellery for me is about personal identity and the story.

Leather to me is not only a natural product, which I love, it was a living entity - it had purpose.

I feel my Jewellery and Bags continue to give that entity purpose.

Did you know Cows actually have friendship groups and will have a best friend in their herd group.

I truly hope you will enjoy my products as much as I have delighted in creating each and everyone of them.'

Heidi and Youngest

Silverware side of the business

Master Silver & Goldsmith Jacques Fabian is our resident Silver and Goldsmith. Traditionally trained, (no CAD production here!) in Adelaide, South Australia Jacques then took himself off the Europe to refine his Classical skills.

On his return to Sydney, New South Wales, He continued with private commissions and began to share his knowledge and practical skills with his students. Jacques currently is the Senior Head Lecture at the Academy of Jewellery Manufacture & Design.



Master Silver & Goldsmith Jacques Fabian

The Silver & Leather Co Ethos:

Part of the story here is that I am trying to use sustainable resources and I am proactively reducing my manufacturing carbon foot print by using power derived from the sun. All lighting is LED eco bulbs and fittings. I upcycle everywhere I can from zips to clips.

Old hand bags are a bit of a passion of mine and I am always on the look out to repurpose the hard ware and fixtures on those ‘Old Gals’

I’m a bit of a miser when it comes to the leather off cuts, I save them and use them in my earrings and for cord clips and Key ring straps. It could also have something to do with my ‘personal attachment’ to the leather that I hand pick… its so easy to fall in love with such a natural material.

And I’m hopelessly in love!

We have very little silver waste and the silver that is left over we put through our own low impact (and top secret) refining process, then we use it again!