Leather Purses

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I am still using my first Silver & Leather Co purse, its been almost 5 years so far!

(it’s a bit like those favoured jeans you just can’t give up!)

I have a card holder in mine, a note book and small pen, lip gloss and some other ‘need to know’ items.

Some of these purses come with a wrist strap on them and other you can add one if you desire.

I use soft leathers in these purses as it gives that luxurious feel that brings a sense of complete satisfaction to the owner.

Purse has front pocket and separate zip closure on the back.

Size measurements are approximate as it often depends on how the leather stretches.

So Size Approximate is:

  • From 18cm long
  • From 10 cm tall

Production time will vary due to material availability to order – Made by Hand

Silver & Leather Co Purses