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Thanks for stopping by! We hand make all our products here in our tiny Studio Workshop here in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia.

We have a passion for practical, tactile and unique products - it keeps us connected!

Leather Jewellery

Multimedia collage

Silver & Leather Co Pearl round plait cuffsSilver & Leather Co Pearl round plait cuffs

Some of our work

  • The Academy of Jewellery Manufacture & Design

    Master Silver & Goldsmith Jacques Fabian is the CEO of the AJMD. He trains students in the practical hands on skills of Traditional Silversmithing and Jewellery Manufacture.

    He delivers full time and short courses. You can find out more here:

  • Upcycling - Its my Jam!

    I love to up-cycled wherever and whenever I can! I keep old zippers and will pull apart old bags I find at thrift shops to collect the hardware and re use it.

    We try where possible to seek out an use sustainable resources such as recycled brown paper - no dye's here. My business electricity is sourced from the Sun (Happy!) we are solar powered. As well as the linings to some of our purses and bags are from repurposed curtains, random fabrics or reclaimed furniture.

    We will always tell you in the description of what items have be sourced from pre-loved items, respectfully.



    Creative Director

  • Alternative Jewellery

    I am a rock lover from 'way back when...' Skimming stones as a kid or finding stones or rocks with pyrite in them - quartz, sandstone you name it! I was that kid that would prefer to come home with a pocket full of rocks than a bag full of candy - What can I say 'I love nature'

    These days I spend hours (literally, much to my husbands irritation at times :)) looking for and fossilizing through rocks we find in river beds and on nature walks and when we go to the beach.

    These guys sell pretty quickly through our shop so Its hard to keep up some days. Good think I love what I do!

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